Visualization is a most effective healing and self-improvement technique

Do you have your own special image when relaxing your body and mind? When you are asked about it, you maybe feel it is difficult for you to express it. In a word, what this means is if you visualize the situation that you are relaxed.

Image your favorite places (ocean, sky, forest, mountain, river), time (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Morning, Noon, Evening, Night),and (Person, Animal, Flower, Hobby). If you find a thing which can be relaxing, this is your image of relaxation.

If you visualize as a daily process, you can relax easily as soon as you visualize your image of relaxation.If you can not visualize it, I recommend to try some images in a daily basis.
For example, you have a leisurely bath, taking a nap in warm sunny spot, feeling fresh air under the tree, relaxing your body and mind with listening your favorite music.

Visualization is combination of meditation, relaxation, and hypnosis. The power of image-building in the mind to influence your body is quite marvelous and it can relieve pain, healing and help your body with depression, impotence, allergies and asthma as ailments.

It guides you to a higher level of knowledge and experience, which you could not image before. My hope is that you have an experience similar to staying in a paradise.

This paradise means a higher level of your consciousness, the original state of your happiness and the condition without disturbing yourself by negative experiences in your past.
In that state, you become more sensitive to positive stimulation and do not react to a negative one.

You can use visual, sounds, tastes, smells, or a combination of sensations. If you image that you grab a piece of ice, you can feel the cold of it as a reality, not an illusion.

If you can visualize it with your 5 senses, you will have the most powerful image. Your senses which are experienced until now are kept in your memory. So you can revive it as clearly as the first time.

Let us go out on a trip of your senses in the future. Please let youself clearly come to eyes of the mind to the place of the scene. You will not only see it but also you enter in it. Please continue the effort as the image rousins.


  1. It is best practiced in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed.

  2. You will need a tape or CD player.

  3. The lighting in the room should be dim and soft.

  4. Deep breath several times. Typically the visualization will begin with some simple relaxation exercises that include it.

  5. When your body and mind are relaxed your imagination will come into play.
Scene in beach

You are walking along the shore. You feel very hot now because you are in the mid summer, and it is 5:00PM.

Though the sun is approaching the horizon, it has not exactly started sinking. The sky is clear blue, and the sun blazes up. You can feel warmth in the sun in the face. You can feel warmth of the light in the skin.

You are barefoot. You can feel a hot and dry sand under your feet. Please approach the waterside. You can feel the cold sand that shuts stiffly under your feet because they get wet.

You can hear the sound of the waves. Coming back and forth, to break rhythmically at the sand. The seabird is flying far above in the sky.

You are still walking. You can hear faintly someone singing at interval sound of the wind and wave. You go up a small hill and find a good point you can see and enjoy the drama of sunset.

The sun is setting little by little, every moment, you are relaxing as the sun sinks into the ocean. When the sun completely sinks under water, you enter the relaxed state deep and deeply.

The sky changes the color from red into the crimson, to the scarlet and amber. You are embraced with thick purple light and deep blue mist like velvet.

You look up at the night sky. It is clear and you can see a lot of stars. It is a beautiful starry sky. Hear the soft and low sound of the sea, smell that tide scent.

Sea, sky, and you. Your body is lifted on the air, and carried into the space, you feel you become one with space.

I think the first positive effect is the feeling of deep relaxation when you try this scene in the beach. When this image is done, the reaction that often goes out is following.

The arm and the foot relax very much, dozed feeling, it seems to fall asleep dozing, it differs from the time when you wake up from a catnap, it doesn�ft feel heavy, and it is refreshing. To Home Page