Relaxation allows to open your energy,finding and creating works of your life

If you can learn how to do relaxation techniques and control your stress, you can help your body and spiritual mind heal itself.

Basic Instruction

If you have ten minutes for this lesson a day, you can reduce stress, improve insomnia, lessen anxiety and depression. Relaxation is the opposite of Tension. The following exercise can be a tool for you to use to control stress and tension.

Quick lesson

  1. Loosen your clothing and get comfortable.

  2. Think about a 1 or 2 syllable word that has a very relaxed sound to it. Some people choose the word “one”, some the word “easy”, some use the sound “mmm”.
    Keep this word, and take it with you in your mind as you begin your exercise.

  3. Tighten the muscles in your toes. Hold for a count 10. Relax and enjoy the sensation of release from tension.

  4. Flex the muscles in your feet. Hold for a count of 10. Relax.

  5. Move slowly up through your body-legs, abdomen, back, neck, face-contracting and relaxing muscles as you go.

  6. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Long-term lesson
  1. Settle back and get as comfortable as you possibly can. Close your eyes gently. Tune in to your breathing. (Pause) Notice it’s pace and rhythm. (Pause)

  2. Take another breath, this time is a little deeper, letting you feel completely calm, peaceful, comfortable and relaxed. (Pause)

  3. Now, with the rest of your body feeling more and more comfortable and relax, slowly clench your fist.

  4. Clench it tighter and tighter and study the tension.

  5. Keep it clenched and feel the tension in your fists, hands and forearms. (Short Pause)

  6. Let your hands relax, allowing your fingers to become loose. Observe the difference in feelings between the right and left arm and fist.

  7. Notice the contrast between the feeling of tension and the feeling of relaxation. (Short Pause)

  8. Now bend both of your elbows and tense your biceps. Tense them hard until they almost quiver. Hold them tight and study the tension. (Short Pause)

  9. Let your arms straighten out and drop gently to your side. Go limp, feeling heavy and relaxed. Notice the tension leave your muscles and experience relaxation that replaces the tension.

  10. Now tighten ever so slightly the following parts of your body. (Each time tighten only to the point at which you can observe tension, where you can observe tension, where you become conscious of or can feel the tension.
    Hold the tensions at that level, and be sure you tighten only the intended muscle while the rest of the body stays quiet and relaxed.
    Be sure you continue to breathe. Each time you let go, let those parts relax further and further.)

  11. Let your whole body go and relax even more completely. Let the relaxation spread through the arms and the rest of the body.

  12. Let the feeling flow and spread into the rest of your body so that you feel peaceful and calm. Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

  13. Focus all your attention on your neck, your shoulders, and your upper back.
    As you breathe, imagine that you are releasing tension from your neck, shoulder, and upper back. With each breath you take, feel your neck, shoulder, and upper back grow heavier and more and more relaxed.

  14. As you release tension in your arms, neck, and upper back, feels the wave of relaxation moving downwards through your torso, lower back and stomach. With each breath, you become more and more relaxed.

  15. If you wish, you can become even more deeply relaxed by merely taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling.
    As you breathe deeply, feel your entire body become heavy, comfortable and relaxed.

  16. Think the following thoughts to yourself, I feel quiet. I am feeling deeply relaxed. My neck, my jaws, my forehead are all calm and smooth. My whole body is heavy, comfortable, relaxed, and quiet.
    My arms and hands are heavy and warm. I am at peace.(At this point, give yourself a few more minutes of deep relaxation before moving on toward ending the relaxation exercise.)

Enhancing the Experience

You can practice deepening this feeling of relaxation by taking deep breath and releasing tension with each exhalation and imaging a wave of relaxation moving from the top of your head to the end of your toes.

As you become aware of different muscle groups and how deliberately you can control the experience of tension and relaxation in your muscles, you increase your capacity to relax.
In similar fashion, each time you practice this exercise you will find it more familiar and easier to use.

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