Meditation is to enable your energy open and flow in every area of your life

Meditation in my inner space

Meditation is a physiological training of which your mind and body are protected against stresses in the modern society and recovers your lost rhythm.

Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply in silence, especially deeply relaxing your physical body and trying to keep your mind completely blank.

There are 2 types of it. Yoga is practiced with closing eyes and Zen with opening eyes.

Closing eyes mean that you become a closed system and withdraw into your own world by escaping your real one. Therefore you try to free yourself by becoming conscious of your ego and staying deeply in your ego which is controlled by reality.

Open eyes mean that you become an open system and your ego, with becoming free from reality, acts to the real world again or you guide your ego to be free, communicating with real world in real society.

To get you started, here is a simple technique that is simple to do and very effective at promoting relaxation:

  1. Find a focus point for you meditation. This can be a candle, a mantra, stone, or something as simple as the sound of your own breathing.
    Mantra is a phrase, usually a Hindu phrase, which you repeat over and over in your mind to establish harmony and mentally to help you achieve and maintain a blank state of mind.

  2. The posture during meditation is important. The easiest posture is a comfortable sitting position with your spine straight and erect. If you lay down, you will most likely fall asleep.

  3. Joining your hands and crossing your legs is desirable, because you make the bio-energy field around you more compact and therefore more intense.
If you have never tried any meditation, try to find a quiet place and try the following technique:
  1. Sit in a comfortable position on the floor(use a cushion if needed).

  2. Sit with your hands resting lightly in your lap.

  3. Close your eyes and relax all muscles in your body, including the face.

  4. Take deep breaths in and out through your nose.

  5. Try to focus on your breathing. Count each breath as you exhale. Count to ten. Repeat several times until relaxation sets in.

  6. Clear your mind of everything and think only of counting each breath as you exhale.

  7. Acknowledge any other thoughts that enter your mind, and then gently let them go and concentrate once again on your breathing.Disregard any thought as it comes. Do not continue a kaleidoscope of thoughts. Continue this for 20 minutes or so, maintaining your mind blank. You can use a mental sound oooooohhmmmm(a mantra) every time you have a thought.

  8. At the end of the meditation gently stretch and become aware of your body before standing up.

How do you feel during meditation or after? Can you relax? You can feel you become a breeze itself blowing over the grassland of vast extent.

I am sure your energy is open and flowing in every area of your life after meditation.
If you are in relaxation for meditation, you feel your vivid energy is coming in and going out from your body.

Why are there many stresses in our modern society?
The structure and function of our body have not been changed from the primitive age. It means that our civilization changed the structure of time and space.

Meditation is a very effective technique for improving your creativity and problem solving capacity.

It is sometimes described as listening to the silence between thoughts. Your effort is directed towards consciously increasing the periods of such silence.

At that time, your consciousness try to tune the universe and aware the consciousness of the universe and have it. Your self-conscious, which is closed by your body, becomes one with the universe, releasing it from your body with meditation.

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Yoga und Meditation
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