You can progress toward the direction that you want with affirmation

An affirmation is an affirmative declaration that talks about you. It is the ideal way to change your consideration and mind, and advance toward the direction that you want by choosing an intentional word and saying.

Affirmations are more effective when they are stated in the present tense. Avoid affirming something in the future tense or the results will always be waiting to happen.

Everything you are experiencing as a reality now is what your past created it. The words that you are continuously using to talk about yourself, quietly infiltrates the side of the mind that is called subconsiousness.

It is often compared to a computer. It has the character of accurately delivering the results according to the instruction that you feed it with. By choosing carefully your wishes and hopes, you can order accurately your computer subconsciousness) what to do.

The subconsciousness does not accept the joke. All words you are talking habitually about yourself are taken into the subconsciousness as instructions.

The state that does not go well is returned if it is persuaded that it does not go well. The state that goes well is returned if it is persuaded that it goes well. You might say unconsciously your hope and an opposite one to yourself on the daily base.

Affirmation, by repeating the word that represents your hope and desire, it become a better mean for you to cooperate with your subconsciouness.

For example;

  1. I now have a brilliant new job.

  2. I have a partner who loves me.

  3. I now relax and pop up brilliant new ideas.

  4. I sleep relaxed and awake refreshed every day.

  5. I have a new car.

  6. I enjoy traveling in the luxury liner.

  7. I am bathed in radiant light.

  8. The light within me is healing my entire body and mind.

  9. I have all the energy required for my needs.

  10. I am getting better and better every day.

  11. I am a radiant being filled with light and love.

Affirmations are based on the following principles;

  1. Your present reality is a direct result of your hinking. Experiencecing now is a result from the idea and feeling of your past.

  2. The Man has the ability of selection. When you change your thinking, your reality change.

  3. Affirmations change your way of thinking.

  4. Positive affirmation makes your dreams come true.

  5. The imagination of the mind grows as pleasure and love increase.

To obtain maximum results from doing affirmations;

  1. Select the dream by yourself and write it down.

  2. Concentrate on your idea and feeling on the dream.

  3. Increase pleasure and love of your mind.

  4. Create the most positive term that you can.

  5. Create short and specific sentence in present tense. Easy to say and with great impact on your subconscious level.

  6. Imprint your dream into your subconscious mind by repeating it persistently.

  7. Believe your dream come true.

  8. Take action now and be persistent.
You may have come to the point at which you need to make certain choice and decisions. If it is time to change the old and build the new, you will want to examine what is the best step to take.

You can change many situations you do not like by changing something within yourself with affirmations.

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