3. Comfort and Posture

As you make changes in your life to promote and achieve natural sleep you should take into consideration the conditions of your bed, bedding, and sleeping clothing.
The goal is to be as comfortable as possible and to avoid any irritations that will prevent you from falling asleep or that may wake you during the night. You may have to make adjustments as you experiment with what works best for you.

  1. Your mattress should be comfortable and firm so as to provide you with sufficient spinal support. It should be free of lumps and bumps.

  2. Make sure that the bed is big enough for your stature. If you have been may want to consider purchasing a double or a queen size mattress.
    Make sure that the mattress does not sag as this can lead to inadequate spinal support.

  3. Use a pillow that suits your personal preference. It can be soft or firm so long as it provides you with the proper support and is anatomically correct. You can place an herbal sachet underneath your pillow to benefit from the sleep inducing properties provided by herbs.

  4. The bedding on your bed should be crisp and clean. You may want to leave the sheets un-tucked at the bottom of the bed so that your feet feel free and unconstrained.

  5. Try not to use too many or too few blankets. Your goal is to find the right temperature for sleeping so that you are not waking at night to make adjustments. You should be sleeping in a cool room so take that into account when you use blankets.

  6. The pajamas you wear to bed should be loose and comfortable. Tight clothing may cause you to feel restricted and wake during the night.

  7. Find a favorite position to fall asleep in, whether it is on your back, stomach, or on your side. Stick to this position when you first get into bed so that your consciousness is convinced that it is time for sleep.

Your bed should be a place of comfort and harmony for you. Take pleasure in finding bedding and sleeping clothing that makes you feel calm and good about you.

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