You can visualize it with your 5 senses, and you will have the most powerful image

Suddenly wild sounds of birds dragged me out of a dream. When I woke up, I heard the comfortable sounds of the waves and the wind that was swaying the leaves of the coconut trees. I saw people walking on the beach and heard their laughter and words in the early morning.

Our diving boat was sliding on the surface of the sea, which was like green glass because the lagoon is like a big pool with beautiful cobalt green color, so we can see the reflection of the clouds on the surface of the sea. Sometimes dolphins appeared and were chasing the boat and jumping for a while.

When we reached the outside of the coral reef, we jumped into the sea. Stretching my legs and hands controlled the speed of dropping, and we stopped at two meters high above the bottom. We were floating over the corals. We could see the corals with the colors of green, blue, red, purple and yellow, and eautiful costumed tropical fish were swimming around them. I encountered big fish like a manta ray, sharks, bonitos, barracudas, and turtles. They came to me slowly and displayed their big bodies with dignity. I was overwhelmed, or maybe fascinated, by their powerful force. At that time, red light was flashing in my consciousness, and I realized that one already captured my destiny.

Under the sea, I dared to jump into the blue space from the cliff. But I noticed I was suspended in the blue space instead of dropping. I looked down at the bottom about 300 feet lower. A school of bonito was swimming around there. And then a big shark was attacking them. When I looked up, I could see a school of barracuda about 3-4 feet in size. I went up and into the school. When I looked at the eye, it stared at my mind and ignored me.

I landed on a small island for lunch where the coconut trees have much fruit. Drinking its juice, we saw the horizon vaguely. There was a cloud or two and a white wave crashed at the reef. I was moved that this scenery existed forever without changing. I merely struggled and passed through it.

On the way going back, we enjoyed a picture against the nlight. And we enjoyed the mysterious drama of the sunset. I looked at my wife and the sunset, which was taking the color away from my wife, and she became a silhouette in a comfortable wind. I tried to speak to her, but the simple sounds of the boat and wind carried away my words.

At night, under the full stars and Milky Way, we enjoyed chatting about our experiences while drinking a tropical cocktail. Repeating our life, I noticed one day that everything was gradually being dyed by the tropical color of the sea.

You can visualize it with your 5 senses, and you will have the most powerful image. I want you to jump into the scene. Not just image it.

Key points

  • Taste the juice in the coconuts.

  • See the coconut trees, the horizontal line, big clouds, and waves crashing at the reef.

  • Your skin feels the touch of the comfortable breeze.

  • Hear the simple sound of waves.

  • Smell the tide, and taste sweet fruit.

If you want to make your image reality, you should feel it by using all of the five senses. The only difference between image and reality is done by the source of stimulations or data.
Reality comes from the outside and the image comes from inside you. So you can feel both of them vividly.