Me Met an Old Lady with a Mysterious Feeling

Several years ago my wife and I were involved in a meditation group. We met an old lady with a mysterious feeling. She was 60 years old and could hear her higher self's voice. She had a glamorous voice and attracted our mind. She looked as if she was living in another world and controlled by a different star.

One day she brought a healing music and said, “Listen with your heart, not with your ear.” I tried to do so. Then suddenly I could get a vivid image of this player. He stands on a cliff with deep grief at the sunset. I could receive his message as a spiritual wave not as a meaning of the word. After this session, we discussed these curious experiences.

We met her one month later. She asked us, “Can you hear the whisper of the trees?” and “Can you hear the murmur of wind?” The first time I couldn’t understand it. She gave me a suggestion about imagination that I become one with the air and earth around me. We began to enter meditation. I reduced the tension of my body and mind with exhaling. A few minutes later I could feel the breath or voice of everything around me. And I breathed with tuning the rhythm of the earth. Then I felt I melted into the scene around me.

In meditation, I just felt something. It was like feeling that I was living in an everlasting space. That space was a completely isolated world. Once, as soon as I entered it, as if the entire world I had lived in went away far beyond the galaxy. All my past memories became illusion. And even yesterday’s events turned into a dream at once. At that time, my consciousness was aware of the consciousness of the universe and tried to tune into the universe. My self-conscious, which was closed by my body, became one with the universe, releasing it from my body with meditation.

Suddenly I felt her spiritual wave. Then one image from her appeared and threw a stone to the surface of my mind. It made a round ring of a wave and expanded infinitely. At the same time, I began to make a trip to my inner world. I was drifting the sea of imagination. After that, I felt the flow of something in the air. I tried to ride on the flow. Then I felt my vivid energy coming in and going out from my body. My energy was open and flowing in every area of my body and mind. I became a breeze itself blowing over the grassland of vast extent.