Why can't we relax? There are too many demands on our time.

Do you feel you are in a rat race recently? Can you find a way out of the situation? Are you feeling stuck in your current position and unhappy about it? Do you have confidence that your work has any real benefit to others? Do you seem to have run out of steam and are in the doldrums?

We live in a modern civilization, and it is not possible to adjust because the speed of change is fast. So we have much stress, which damages our body. Stress generates harmful oxygen, and it damages our healthy internal organs. It decreases the number of white blood cells that protect our body from foreign objects and germs. So your immune system is affected when your stress is prolonged. When you have some kind of stress like anger, sadness, pain and pressure, you tend to save it in the mind and body instead of releasing it like the animals. Under stress your body maintains a higher than normal blood sugar level and high blood pressure, which results in the cause of illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. I hear many people have a kind of subjective symptom even if their bodies are healthy. And there are very few who can say, “I am in good health.”

When feeling pressured, your breathing becomes automatically shallow and rapid. This means that stress puts your body in a situation of fight or flight. In this stage, the sympathetic nerve in the autonomic nervous system secretes adrenaline, which works the muscles to spend energy and suppresses the work of the digestion system. There is a lot of damage to your body and mind by keeping this situation for a long time. On the other hand, when uneasiness disappears, the emergency warning is released, and the parasympathetic nerve works to return to a former state or relax without tension.

When feeling pressured, try to breathe slowly and deeply, with the span of your exhale double that of your inhale. That is why the exhale is controlled by the parasympathetic nerve. Sit back, set it all aside for a few minutes and take a deep breath.

Close your eyes, and take time to review your real priorities and savor the small accomplishments along the way. You can enjoy new energy and align with your higher self by acting on your feelings and moving with the current. Then you can think outside of the box and go beyond conventional ideas. You can create options without limitations.