How to do relaxation for meditation? Awaken your energy!

Welcome relaxation for my meditation room!
Do you feel tired and exhausted? Or do you feel stress and cannot ease your tension?
Then enter my room and turn on blue digital light which is fantastic and illusional.
You nestle down into a big sofa, with sweet scents are borne on soft breezes.
You enjoy listening to comfortable healing music and floating into the inner space of your imagination.

Do you remember?
You are a special, unique person and you have a meaningful life with contributing to make to the world.
You know every person is born with a purpose. There is a reason you are here.

You have a role to play in this planet theater that no one else can do. The special contribution you come to make is your life work.

But you lose it for being too busy and fall in a rat race where you cannot escape now.
Stress Stress.......
You feel your shoulder on heavy burden and suffer from the stomachache. You cannot enjoy your life.

The current of your mind is a constantly changing course and your circumstances are always changing.
What you want now and what you excite about now is not the same as it was even a yea ago. Even the best plans must be constantly revised.

If you read and try this techniques , You can realize There is a natural rhythm in your mind, just as there is a natural cycle to everything in your life.

If you are in relaxation for meditation, you want the energy to begin moving, observe your life for a while and ask your higher self to show you where your energy needs to flow more.

The things you will create in this situation can bring you growth, expansion, renewal, and aliveness.

It guides you to higher level of knowledge and experience , which you could not image before. My hope is your having an experience with staying in a paradise.

This paradise means higher level of your consciousness, the original state of your happiness and the conditon without disturbing by your negative experiences in your past.

In that state, you become more sensitive to positive stimulation and not react negative one.

The beginning of this state, you can see it in a twinkling of an eye, but once you know you can stay there. you will not give up doing the best effort to grab it.

Relaxation allows to open your energy,finding and creating works of your life.
If you can learn how to do relaxation techniques and control your stress, you can help your body and spiritual mind heal itself.
Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply in silence.
Visualization is combination of meditation, relaxation, and hypnosis.
Aromatherapy empowers you to think and dream in unlimited ways of your life
Aromatherapy is a treatment in which your body is rubbed with nice smelling natural oils made from plants and flowers to reduce pain and make you feel well.
Affirmation changes your future.
You can progress toward the direction that you want with Affirmation.
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We offers you alternative choices for achieving healthy sleep without the use of prescription drugs for your sleeplessness.
The right brain is powerful healing by imagination.
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It allows to open your energy, finding and creating works of your life, and your awaken energy can bring you growth, expansion, renewal, and aliveness.
Me Met an Old Lady with a Mysterious Feeling
She gave me a suggestion about imagination that I become one with the air and earth around me. I had a curious experience during meditation by recieving her spiritual wave.
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Our Articles for Relaxation-for-Meditation
Visualizing Summer Vacation
You can visualize it with your 5 senses, and will have the most powerful image
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New ideas and energy are given from communities
New ideas and energy are given from communities
Good books are your partner in life
You will find books about nutrition,mental helth
It allows to open your energy, finding and creating works of your life, and your awaken energy can bring you growth, expansion, renewal, and aliveness.
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